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What is robocall mitigation and why is it important for your brand reputation?


As technology develops, the experience of receiving robocalls is becoming a regular occurrence in many peoples lives. For many of us, robocalls are little more than a nuisance. For major brands, though, robocalls can present a huge threat to their brand reputation. This is why many companies are employing protective services, like YouMailPS, to help protect their brand reputation.

In this article, we cover:

How Does Robocall Mitigation Work?

Robocall mitigation is when a company employs various technological solutions to identify and put a stop to harmful robocalls. At YouMailPS, we offer a variety of services intended to protect your brand. We use solutions like attestation software, machine learning, and fraud detection to combat the negative side effects of robocall calls. After identifying fraudulent calls, we coordinate with the enterprise and authorities to shut down unlawful robocall campaigns.

Why Is Robocall Mitigation Important To My Brand Reputation?

Imagine that you get a call from your bank. On the other end is an automated voice alerting you to the fact your account information has been compromised. You have to call the bank back in order to protect your money. You do the responsible thing and call the number. They ask for various pieces of information from you in order to verify your identity.

Now imagine that this phone call was used not to protect your information, but rather to gain access to a bank account that was never at risk. The call was not actually from your bank, but from a bad actor impersonating a bank representative. As a customer, though, all you know is you received a call from your bank, followed the instructions, and yet your account was still drained of its funds. Upset, you spread the word to everyone you know regarding your banks failure to protect your assets.

Rates of robocall fraud are increasing, especially those involving brand impersonation. Bad actors are increasingly employing brand impersonation as a method of gaining customer trust for the purposes of exploiting the customer. If customers are exploited by a bad actor impersonating your brand, it can significantly damage your brand reputation, even if the bad actor has no real association with the company.

What Is Attestation Software?

Attestation software is an important part of many cybersecurity initiatives. Attestation software allows programs to authenticate themselves. At YouMailPS, our attestation software is one of the essential tools in combating fraudulent robocalls. We employ STIR/SHAKEN attestations to help verify and establish a numbers trustworthiness.

How Needs Call Mitigation Services The Most?

There are two main domains that have a high need for this type of service:

  • Enterprises that are being fraudulently misrepresented by bad actors using robocalls to impersonate their brand.
  • Carriers & providers whose networks are being used by bad actors.

Enterprises often employ companies like YouMailPS in order to protect themselves against vishing and brand impersonation. Vishing is when a bad actor uses voice channels (such as robocalls) to compel victims to take some sort of action. Vishing schemes are created to make the victim feel a sense of urgency in taking action, usually in the face of some sort of threat involving legal action or financial consequences, such as with the compromised bank account call we considered earlier.

It is not only enterprises that work with YouMailPS. Carriers and providers benefit from our services as well. If a carrier or provider has high levels of robocall traffic taking place on their networks, customers may associate the high frequency of these calls with the carrier or provider. Imagine you have a phone plan with Carrier A and receive multiple spam calls a day, but your friend who uses Carrier B only receives these robocalls every once in a blue moon. You might start to consider changing carriers, just to stop the annoying robocalls.

How Can I Use Call Mitigation To Protect My Company's Brand Reputation?

If you want to protect your companys brand reputation, your best option is to employ a protective service that specializes in robocall mitigation. At YouMailPS, we offer a wide menu of services for both enterprise clients and telecommunication providers. We can work with you to create the ideal solution to your robocall problems, including helping with the identification of bad actors and take-down services. Read more about YouMailPS here >.


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