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The Importance of Spam Mitigation Services for Communication Service Providers

In today's world of increasing robocall and spam traffic, Communication Service Providers (CSPs) have a critical responsibility to protect their clients and networks from unwanted communications. This blog will explore the role of CSPs in managing spam calls, the significance of spam mitigation services, and the various types of spam mitigation services available for CSPs.

In this article, we cover:


Communication Service Providers (CSPs) And Spam Calls

US consumers received over 50.3 billion robocalls in 2022. A staggering 55% of these are unwanted scams or sales calls. CSPs have the responsibility to stop fraud across their networks, not just because your clients need and want fewer spam calls, but because the FCC mandates robocall mitigation by CSPs.

The FCC, in fact, has become incredibly agressive with communication service providers in their battle against spam calls. For the first time, in November 2022 the FCC cut off a communication service provider’s access to other networks for failing to meet the FCC’s requirements for protecting consumers against scam robocalls and malicious caller ID spoofing. In addition, in early 2023, the FCC issued a stern warning (in the form of a cease-and-desist letter) to a CSP requiring them to investigate and block certain illegal traffic, and issued a robocall enforcement notice to all U.S. based communication service providers.

In addition to these regulatory pressures, CSPs are also under increasing scrutiny from consumers who expect a higher level of protection from unwanted calls. This consumer demand is driving CSPs to take more proactive measures to ensure their customers are shielded from spam and scam calls.


The Importance Of Spam Mitigation Services

Spam mitigation services play a crucial role in helping CSPs manage unwanted calls and messages on their networks. Some key benefits of using spam mitigation services include:

  1. Reduce provider risk from FCC fines and actions: By implementing effective spam mitigation services, CSPs can ensure compliance with FCC regulations and avoid potential fines and other penalties, which could be as dramatic as a lockout from other networks.
  2. Reduce the risk of lawsuits, bad press, and lost customers due to noncompliance, fraud, etc.: Ensuring the integrity of a network can help CSPs maintain a positive brand image, attract and retain customers, and avoid costly legal battles.
  3. Save IT resources by outsourcing to the subject matter experts: Spam mitigation services have specialized expertise and access to extensive data resources, allowing CSPs to offload the burden of managing spam calls and messages.
  4. Using a service can be more accurate, as some services — such as YouMailPS — include billions of data points that CSPs may not have: With more comprehensive and accurate data, spam mitigation services can provide better protection against unwanted calls and messages.
  5. Enhance customer satisfaction: By effectively filtering out spam calls and messages, CSPs can provide a better user experience for their customers, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  6. Support business growth: By protecting their networks from spam and fraud, CSPs can build a strong foundation for growth with enhanced trust. Customers and partners are more inclined to do business with a trusted, secure provider.

Spam Mitigation Services For Communication Service Providers 

CSPs have varied needs when it comes to spam mitigation services.

Some providers may only require scoring—a simple metric that determines the probability of telephone number association with three primary categories of unwanted robocall behaviors: (1) Spam, (2) Unlawfulness, and (3) Fraud.

Other CSPs may need a complement to your Know Your Customer Processes (KYC), such as a monitoring component. These spam mitigation services analyze data, including audio content associated with unwanted robocalls received by the public, and provide visibility into usage behaviors, including audio content from unwanted robocalls.

Finally, some CSPs may require a fully integrated network solution. These solutions combine CSP data analysis and content-based analytics to provide traffic analysis as a service. A fully integrated solution analyzes every communication instance handled by the CSP, comparing it to data independently captured by the partner organization.

Communication Service Providers play a pivotal role in managing spam calls and protecting their clients and networks. Spam mitigation services are essential in ensuring CSPs adhere to FCC mandates and minimize the risk of negative consequences associated with unwanted communications. By understanding the various spam mitigation service options available, CSPs can choose the best solution for their specific needs.

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