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Revolutionizing Telephone Number Scoring: The Impact of Content-Based Analytics

Nearly 5 billion robocalls were made in June 2023, and a never-ending battle rages between Communication Service Providers (CSPs) and the many bad actors hidden within. CSPs, though, are leveraging innovative tools to protect their networks. One such tool is Telephone Number Scoring, a method that combines content analysis, behavioral analysis, and AI processing to assign an intent to a phone number’s activities.

Telephone Number Scoring and its impact on the industry:

Understanding Telephone Number Scoring  

US-based CSPs are under pressure from the US Congress, the FCC, the FTC, and individual consumers to adopt strong actions to stop spam and fraud calls.

Telephone Number Scoring is a powerful tool that helps CSPs make informed decisions about handling calls. It incorporates phone number behavioral analysis, advanced analytics with AI processing, and even — with some providers — uses consumer voice message audio analytics.

This data is processed by sophisticated, sometimes patented algorithms, in order to assign a probability that a given phone number is associated with spam, unlawful activity, or fraud. This number can then be automatically passed along to the CSP’s call data system.

Having a Telephone Number Score allows CSPs to automate certain handlings, from labeling certain calls via the recipients Caller ID (such as “Scam likely” or “Spam Risk” or “Potential Spam”), to sending calls to voicemail, to the outright blocking some calls.

For instance, a caller with an existing fingerprint that indicates prior spam, which makes thousands of calls per hour, and leaves voicemails consistent with spam, would be labeled with a high score — allowing a CSP to make their own choice of what exactly to do with that call.

This scoring system is a significant leap forward from traditional methods, offering a much more accurate assessment of potential threats. It’s not “bad” or “good” — it’s a nuanced ranking of the callers intention, not just the behavior. This comprehensive approach allows CSPs to better protect their networks and their customers from unwanted calls.

To put it even more simply, monitoring a call’s behavior only tells you what a number is doing. Phone Number Scoring tells you the likelihood of the intent of that call.

The Power Of Content-Based Analytics

Content-Based Analytics is a critical element to accurate Telephone Number Scoring.


Content-Based Analytics analyzes the payload (content) of phone calls, and is vastly more accurate. For example, a call containing specific phrases or patterns that match known spam or fraud scripts can be flagged accurately — even if it’s calling from another number or on another network — thereby reducing the risk of false positives, ensuring that legitimate calls get through. This method is particularly effective in combating sophisticated attacks.

In the past — as well as with less-sophisticated spam fighters — spam was identified by Behavioral Analysis. This method involves analyzing data such as how often calls are made, call length, when and from where calls are made, etc. These behaviors can be compared with reference data to indicate — somewhat inaccurately — the potential for spam or fraud calls. Nowadays, though, this data is only one part of the solution.

Content-Based Analytics incorporates further data: voice message audio data combined with AI analysis. Vast amounts of voicemail data are collected, analyzed, and processed through a sophisticated AI. This AI can recognize patterns that in the past would be nearly impossible to identify, finding spammers and bad actors. It will also identify mentions of company names for brand monitoring systems. Finally, the AI assigns a numerical risk to the threats, instead of just a “good/bad” moniker.

With Content-Based Analytics, it’s not just about the frequency or timing of calls, but also about the context and content.

The Role Of YouMailPS In Revolutionizing Telephone NUmber Scoring

Few CSPs have the in-house capability to develop their own useful Phone Number Scoring systems. Even fewer have the data points necessary — audio data from millions of voicemails.

That’s where CSP partner organizations — such as YouMailPS — come in.

YouMailPS provides a comprehensive program — appropriately called YouMailPS Score — to support CSPs in mitigating spam and fraud calls on their networks. YouMailPS does this via a combination of decades of experience in fighting spam, combined with the most advanced AI tools, patents, and billions of relevant data points.

Ethically sourced data from YouMail — which is the consumer arm of YouMailPS — includes not only behavioral data, but also the audio data from millions of voicemails. Patented processes allow YouMailPS to process this data — plus behavioral data and past known spammer “fingerprints” — through AI, surfacing a clear risk spam and/or fraud calls. These calls are then assigned a numeric score, which is passed along, like magic, to the CSP. From there, the CSP can implement their predetermined actions, such as sending certain scores immediately to voicemail, or attaching a warning to other scores.

This score is continually updated as new data is collected, ensuring that it accurately reflects the current risk associated with a given number. This dynamic scoring system allows CSPs to respond quickly to emerging threats and adapt their strategies as needed.

Telephone Number Scoring using Content-Based Analytics has revolutionized the way that CSPs protect their networks from spam, fraud, and other unlawful activities. By providing a detailed understanding of a phone number's behavior and intent, these tools enable CSPs to take proactive measures to safeguard their networks. YouMailPS is leading this revolution with their comprehensive services and innovative tools like the YouMailPS Score.

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