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Event Recap: Vishing Awareness Seminar


On April 13, 2023, the inaugural Vishing Awareness Week Capstone Seminar was held as a virtual event.


This 1/2-Day Seminar was comprised of 5 individual sessions, comprised of 2 moderator-led roundtable discussions, and 3 solution focused presentations. Sessions included:

  • Vishing 101, Understanding the Voice Threat Vector
  • Vishing 201, Voice Threat Metrics: What the Numbers Show
  • Vishing 301, Voice Protection: Security Awareness Training
  • Vishing 302, Voice Protection: Stop Robocalls & Brand Impersonation
  • Vishing 303, Voice Protection: It’s All about the Traffic
The Event was sponsored by a broad range of forward looking organizations including: National Cybersecurity Alliance, ISACA, BBB Institute for Marketplace Trust, Counterintelligence Institute, bitsnbytes cybersecurity, Mutare, Nomorobo, YouMail Protective Services, XConnect, KnowBe4 and Robokiller Enterprise.