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Brand Protection 101: 10 Strategies to Safeguard Your Reputation from Identity Spoofing Scams

Technology continues to make brand protection more difficult, bringing new challenges to enterprises with fraud such as identity spoofing scams. In Brand Protection 101, we’ll provide 10 strategies to protect your brand from these spoofing scams.

In this article, we cover:

Spoofing Scams And You Brand


A spoofing scam, also known as a scam call or robocall scam, is when a fraudster impersonates a reputable company or individual to gain sensitive information for financial gain. Not only is the customer scammed from their information, but spoofing scams can severely damage a brand's reputation, erode customer trust, and create negative associations with the company's name. As a result, enterprise brand protection is crucial for maintaining a positive brand reputation.


10 Strategies To Safeguard Your Brand Reputation From Spoofing Scams

Consider these 10 strategies to protect your brand reputation from spoofing scams:

  1. Anti-spoofing: Protect your phone number with spoofing defense strategies, such as monitoring, to prevent unauthorized use.
  2. Content Analytics: Use a voice analytics service to monitor when your company name is used in a fraudulent call. Some partner companies analyze millions or billions of voice messages, and can determine mentions of your brand almost immediately, within the first 100 scam calls, and can then alert you to the scam.
  3. What: Understand the nature and context of scams so your brand can make informed decisions about customer awareness, education, and mitigation.
  4. Where: Understand where scams are happening, such as geography or customer demographics targeted, so you can better assess impacts and mitigation.
  5. How: Understand how scams occur, such as entities involved (like which communication service provider is initiating the calls), so you can start preventing them at the source.
  6. When: Identify when scams happen so you can measure instances, frequency, and timing to help mitigate and understand the risks.
  7. Document: Collect data on scammers for potential legal and law enforcement action.
  8. Enforce: Work with legal/law enforcement to take out bad actors and prevent future attacks.
  9. Ongoing: Monitor social posting and email traffic — not just the phone scams — for a comprehensive strategy to catch scammers in all possible channels.
  10. Partner: Consider using a full-service, turnkey solution like YouMailPS to handle all aspects of brand reputation protection, using their billions of data points of information to monitor, analyze, and defend calls on your behalf.

How A Brand Reputation Management Service Can help 

A turn-key brand reputation management service should provide a full spectrum of protection against vishing attacks (spoofing scams). It should be designed to mitigate enterprise damages and deter recurrence of brand abuse. Solutions should offer alerts, reporting, mitigation, and support for litigation against bad actors. Surveillance is another key trait in an effective brand reputation protection strategy. All explicit unauthorized brand name mentions and implied references to brand relationships should be monitored. Upon detection of potential trademark infringement or inappropriate brand mentions, the enterprise should be notified immediately (or as the brand’s settings dictate).

Furthermore, a brand reputation management solution should be highly automated and include human and AI-based intelligence to identify consumer perceptions. It should be able to spot trends and respond to any fraud on social media, chat sites, voice services, and other online media.

Partnering with the right company can make brand reputation management easier and more effective.

YouMail Protective Services provides zero-hour identification of unwanted robocalls that protects against the fallout of brand imposter attacks perpetrated by bad actor campaigns.

Safeguarding your company's brand reputation from identity spoofing scams is crucial to maintaining customer trust and ensuring your brand's long-term success. By understanding the nature of spoofing scams, implementing robust defense strategies, and partnering with a full-service brand reputation management provider like YouMailPS, you can effectively protect your enterprise from unwanted robocalls and other fraudulent activities that could tarnish your brand's image.

Don't let spoofing scams and fraudulent activities damage your hard-earned brand reputation. Contact YouMailPS to evaluate your unwanted robocall detection, mitigation, and deterrence needs or for a no-obligation demo >



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